Over the 25 years in health care I have had the opportunity to meet some very special people.   I met Tom who taught me to see people’s soul through their eyes.  To take the time to hear what they are saying when they are unable speak. Another teachable moment came from Janice who taught me the importance of trust. She grew to trust my words and I grew to understand the importance of holding myself to them.  Fernada taught me the words “Teachable Moments”. Moments may not be made up of all good ones but it is what we choose to do with them that counts.

Along with my diploma in the health care field I continued to educate myself in Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Psychology for Everyday Living and How to Effectively Deal with Aggressive Clients.  I have also chosen to keep up with my First Aid certificate.

Over the years and through my different positions I have found that no matter who people are or what disabilities they may have at the end of the day our needs may all be the same.  Some of my responsibilities included personal and medical care, dispensing and administering medication, providing assistance with eating, designing day programs based on budget restrictions and personal needs,  shopping and taking people to appointments along with providing family supports.  Today I provide these same supports to my elderly mother‑in‑law. 

Lastly my baby taught me to stop and play Yahtzee, blinking creates memories and to laugh with tickles.


Kathy Witiuk



Our selection process insures all staff are fully qualified and insured.  We take care and pride in knowing our staff are committed to provided you with the best care possible.   Our staff are 100% devoted to your care during all visits or outings. 

Our Staff have

Valid First aid Certification

Annual Police checks

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