We believe that your meal should be quick and most of all delicious.  Our team is always looking for new ideas to provide healthy choices for our clients.  We use what you have in the house.  We can help you do groceries and plan your meals,  always make sure you have what is needed for something like our…

Sweet and Sour Chicken and sweet peppers on Rice.







Thinly sliced seasoned chicken breast Stir-fried with a butter enhanced Sweet and sour VH sauce and finished with sweet bell peppers over a bed of rice.






Or you if you feeling like maybe some greek, What about a Chicken or pork souvlaki?






Seasoned Chicken marinated overnight, pan fried then finished in the oven with spring veg and rice.  Topped with a souvlaki butter sauce.  Feel like a light splash of spring? If go shopping with you, we could you some tzatziki yogurt sauce.  To be different we could do fingerling potatoes instead of rice.





Let Enriched Homecare do the cooking.  Just provide the ingredients and we will take care of the rest, even the dishes. Leaving you with a worry free meal we know you’ll love.  Got a request? No problem.  We believe in cooking what you want to eat.  So if you feel like a old favorite, we’re happy to make it for you.

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