To Whom It May Concern

Kathy Witiuk and her staff at Enriched Homecare worked with my 87 year old father, John Raycroft from Oct 31, 2010 to May 29, 2011. The employment concluded when he passed away. 

To say that Kathy and her staff acted as personal support workers would greatly understate the role they played in my father’s life. They did so much more than assist him with personal hygiene, mobility, feeding, activities and outings. Kathy went above and beyond in her care for and oversight of my father’s care. She chose her workers well so that when she could not be working directly with him, her staff treated him with the same dignity and respect that she would herself. They also developed a great rapport with my father.

Yours sincerely,

Kim Raycroft


To Whom it May Concern

When speaking of Kathy I often refer to her in two ways. “My angel dropped from heaven” and “My girl”.

From a short time of being in Kathy’s company I viewed her as part of our family. Kathy always put people first, business second. Kathy accompanied me to medical appointment. I would encourage her to feel comfortable in asking questions or speaking on my behalf whenever I forgot to address one of my many concerns.

Kathy has always shown a high level of commitment to her clients, often going above the call of duty. While I was in the hospital Kathy took the initiative in ensuring my 90 year old husband was still looked after. Then upon being discharged Kathy was as reliable as always in assuring I got home from Ottawa.

Kathy’s flexibility allowed for us to go shopping, run errands, go to medical appointments or do housekeeping. Whatever was needed. She works 7 days a week and it didn’t matter on which day I saw her she always wore a smile on her face and often put one on mine. Kathy is always go go go and i would often tell her there isn’t time for dust to form under her feet.

That’s “My Girl”

Shirley Walter