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CDPAP: There is nothing like having A LOVED ONE care for you at home!

You trust them already and they know your personal preferences and mindset... with Enriched Home Care CDPAP option a loved one or friend can get paid to be your caregiver.

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, also known as CDPAS, is an alternative to traditional home care, allowing Medicaid consumers approved for long-term home care to direct their own care.

If you or your loved one need assistance with activities of daily living - you may be eligible for CDPAP. Not sure if you qualify for this program? Give us a call and Enriched Home Care will guide you through the eligibility process and help you apply for Medicaid.

To qualify as a personal assistant, one must be legally allowed to work. No formal training is required. Most people, including adult children, can serve as a personal assistant and get paid to provide care under CDPAP. Spouses and Designated Representatives cannot serve as personal assistants.

A personal assistant can undertake a wide array of responsibilities including personal care, and many other tasks necessary to maintain the patient safely at home.

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